Conference: Girls and Population, the Forgotten Drivers of Development

March 1, 2011 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Ed Barry for information on a two-day conference of parliamentarians and experts scheduled for May 16-17 in Paris. The conference description can be downloaded at

You may also visit the conference website here:

Global Summit of Parliamentarians ahead of 2011 G8/G20 Summit in Paris – 16th & 17th May 2011
On 16th and 17th May 2011 around 60 parliamentarians from around the world will convene in Paris to discuss the vital, and yet forgotten, role that girls and adolescent women play in population and development issues. The conference will be hosted by French MP Danielle Bousquet, and is being organized by the European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development (EPF) in collaboration with French NGOs Equilibres & Populations (E&P) and the French Movement for Family Planning (MFPF).
In recent years it has been proved that economic development at all levels (from the family level to the national level) is directly linked to birthrate. For it is in noone’s interests for women to give birth to children they do not want to have and cannot feed. Managing the dynamics of population growth is therefore central to the development agenda, and it is essential that the issue receives the attention of world leaders at the G8/G20 Summit in Paris in May 2011.
Girls and adolescent women are the builders of families and tomorrow’s society, and yet they have until now been continually overlooked by development policy. Recent research has found that they receive less than 2 percent of Official Development Assistance, and yet they suffer the worst effects of poverty throughout the developing world. But despite being the victims of poverty, girls and adolescent women are also crucial players in their region’s economic development.
This gathering stands to serve as a platform for a large group of parliamentarians from around the world and across the political spectrum who are informed and interested in the issue to reach an agreement that can be heard at the G8/G20.

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