Just When You Thought You Could Bank On It

March 28, 2011 • Climate Change & Mitigation, Daily Email Recap

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Just When You Thought You Could Bank On It

Mar. 2 2011 – 2:43 am


I’m sitting with my friends William Shatner and his wife Liz having tea and discussing wildlife. Bill and I have been having an ongoing dialogue about the fate of the earth for over twenty years, a conversation that started in earnest beneath Mount Everest where he insisted on doing his own climbing stunts at about 19,000 feet for a television series we made together (“Voice of the Planet”.)

“We need to get more wolves into the wild,” he declares, mulling over the future for his kids and grandchildren.

Reintroduction of wolves, we both acknowledge, has been one of the most contentious of wildlife issues. But with over 2,000 Threatened and Endangered species (T&E’s) in North America wolves are iconic, just like the now extinct Passenger Pigeon was. We need to care about predators. They keep ecosystems healthy, without which, we’re all dead.

The number of T&Es is growing rapidly and this trend threatens to defuse our sense of urgency about the value of biology in general.

When Extinction Starts To Draw A Yawn

We’ve read the “Be Warned” headlines too many times. We’ve set our sights on Labradoodles, not Antarctic sea-pigs, Egyptian vultures or Borneo leopards. But as oil prices soar, and revolutions come and go, the value of threatened wildlife takes on increasingly dire dimensions. The 193 delegates to the Nagoya Summit in October 2010 for the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity journeyed to Japan in an effort to find ways to slow down the vast tragedy of extinctions occurring all around us.

Wish them luck. Polls among young people have shown they can recite hundreds of labels and brands – the latest cool gizmo – but know virtually nothing about other species.

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