1 in 4 Hotline Callers Report Birth Control Sabotage, Pregnancy Coercion

April 15, 2011 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Daily Email Recap

From the Family Violence Prevention Fund.  See http://www.endabuse.org/content/features/detail/1674/

1 in 4 Hotline Callers Report Birth Control Sabotage, Pregnancy Coercion

February 15, 2011

What may be the first national survey to determine the extent of “reproductive coercion” was released on February 15 by the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF). The survey found that 25 percent of callers to the National Domestic Violence Hotline reported that they had experienced this form of domestic and dating violence.

Reproductive coercion is defined as threats or acts of violence against a partner’s reproductive health or reproductive decision-making. It includes forced sex, a male partner pressuring a woman to become pregnant against her will and interference with the use of birth control. The women who reported this form of abuse said that their male partners either would not allow them to use birth control or sabotaged their birth control method (such as poking holes in condoms or flushing pills down the toilet). Some of the women said they had to hide their birth control.

“Birth control sabotage is a serious form of control that leads to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections,” said FVPF President Esta Soler. “While there is a cultural assumption that some women use pregnancy as a way to trap their partner in a relationship, this survey shows that men who are abusive will sabotage their partner’s birth control and pressure them to become pregnant as a way to trap or control their partner.”

To read the full article, please click here: http://www.endabuse.org/content/features/detail/1674/

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