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April 25, 2011 • Daily Email Recap

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Population News Digest, Week Ending 03/08/2011

Thought of the Week: In a statement marking the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day Tuesday, Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, Executive Director of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) said the international community must promote the rights of women “to unleash the full potential of half the world’s population. “When girls enjoy equal access to education, we come closer to equality. When women and couples can plan their families, and balance work and family life as they desire, we expand equal opportunity, he said. “When a pregnant woman no longer fears losing her job, and maternity no longer continues to be a source of discrimination in employment, we advance equal rights between men and women.”



Professor helps prepare for 2050’s 9 billion population
R & D Magazine
By Cornell University Population is about people, and Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue, associate professor of development sociology, wants to ensure we don’t lose sight of that while we prepare our planet to house and feed 9 billion of them by 2050.

Population drop in Mississippi County causing money woes
By Keith Boles – bio | email feedback MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AR (KAIT) – With the population in Mississippi County dropping, the sales tax money is too. The county was notified that the new census figures are now in effect, and the state is not providing

Multi-National and/or Global

Feeding Growing Global Population Will Require Science & Technology
Feeding a growing population with more and better food is a unique challenge, but collaborative innovation creates sustaining solutions, DuPont Nutrition & Health President Craig F. Binetti said at the 2011 Gulfood Exhibition and Conference.

UNFPA Chief Calls for Unleashing Full Potential of Half the World’s Population
Inter Press Service (press release)
UNITED NATIONS, Mar 7, 2011 (IPS) – – In a statement marking the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day Tuesday, Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, Executive Director of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) said the international community must promote the

Science sides with agriculture as global population booms
Western Farm Press
At the same time, we all know that California growers will play a tremendous role in feeding an ever-increasing world population. While the suggestions on what agriculture needs to do to be more “environmentally friendly” are in abundance, most reports

Population Overload | Reality Sandwich
By Kate Findley
Newsteaser: By 2050, personal space might be a thing of the past. Things have been getting cozier here on Earth as the population balloons at exponential rates. By 2050, personal space might be a thing of the past. At the same time,

Food Prices and Population Growth – Is Malthus Being Proven Correct?
Oye! Times
In this report entitled “The 2008 Revision of the World Population Prospects”, the United Nations estimates the projected population of the world to the year 2050 based on several variants. These variants include changes to the world’s fertility rate

Will growing human population overwhelm our planet?
Asheville Citizen-Times
World population reached roughly 1 billion humans by 1810. Population has increased exponentially to about 2 billion by 1930, 3 billion by 1960, 4 billion by 1975, 5 billion by 1990,6 billion by 2000, and 7 billion by this year.

Food supply vs. population: Malthus 200 years later
Delta Farm Press
Clay, who has taught at Yale and Harvard and worked at the USDA and is now senior vice president at the World Wildlife Fund, says a population predicted to hit 9 billion by 2050 will see more competition for increasingly scarce resources,

“The “Population Bomb” Echoes | zero hedge
By madhedgefundtrader
“Super consumption” in the US needs to be reined in where the population is growing the fastest. If the world adopts an American standard of living, we need four more Earths to supply the needed natural resources.

Thomas Robert Malthus, HIV/AIDS and Population Control | Feint
By Mugabe Ratshikuni
A few weeks ago I found myself reading the Classical economist Thomas Robert Malthus’ Essay on the Principle of Population written in 1798 and his.



The February Employment Report
CBS MoneyWatch.com (blog)
The employment population rate was unchanged at 58.4 percent, and the labor force participation rate was unchanged at 64.2 percent. In addition, the broader unemployment rate, U-6 (which includes discouraged workers, involuntary part-time workers,

A century of population change
This interactive map from the US Census Bureau shows the state-by-state change over a century in population, density and Congressional representation. Population Density: Includes Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia in population density rankings,

State & Regional

Population increases
Daily Utah Chronicle
Census data for Utah was released last week, reporting a large increase in the state population. The state population increased by more than half a million from 2000 to 2010, according to the statement. This population change represents an increase of

Do population trends doom our cities?
Hattiesburg American
While Southaven leaped from eighth to third with 68 percent growth since 2000, four had significant population declines – Greenville (17 percent), Biloxi (13 percent), Jackson (6 percent), and Gulfport (5 percent). The others barely held even.

Population Jumps in North Carolina
Wall Street Journal
By VALERIE BAUERLEIN RALEIGH, NC-North Carolina’s population growth far outstripped the national rate over the past decade, according to data released Wednesday by the US Census Bureau, thanks to the state’s boom early in the decade and its resilient

Colorado’s population grew as jobs declined in 2010
Denver Post
By Greg Griffin Colorado’s employment-population ratio fell at the fastest rate in the nation last year as the state lost jobs but population continued to grow. The ratio – which is the number of employed people divided by the civilian adult

Wyo population grows 14.1% since 2000 census
Wyoming Business Report
By Wyoma Groenenberg The energy industry powered Wyoming’s population growth by 14.1 percent, according the US Census Bureau’s numbers from the 2010 census released Thursday. The state had 563626 residents last year, compared to 493782 in the 2000

County, City & Local

County census numbers show 9% increase
The Cherokeean Herald
Cherokee County has experienced a nine percent population increase since the 2000 US Census. The 2010 census shows the county with a population of 50845 persons. In 2000, the county population totaled 47450. Texas population increased to approximately

Fayette’s population expected to top 168000 within 30 years
The Citizen.com
Fayette County’s population is projected to increase by more than 60000 residents within the next 30 years, according to the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). Fayette’s estimated 2010 population of 106000 is forecast to swell to 168500 residents by

Census: Upstate population decline continues
Ithaca Journal
A quick recap: ALBANY — More than half of New York’s counties lost or failed to grow population at a substantial rate over the last decade, US Census data released Monday found. The 34 counties that had a negative population growth were all in the

Onslow County population up nearly 20 percent since 2000
ENC Today
Onslow County’s population has grown 18 percent in the last decade, according to raw data released Wednesday by the US Census Bureau. The county grew from 150348 people in 2000 to 177772 last year. The population in 2009 was 173064.

Iredell: Census: Population Grew 30 Percent
WSOC Charlotte
IREDELL COUNTY, NC — Iredell County grew by nearly 37000 people during the first decade of the new millennium and moved into the number 16 slot of North Carolina’s largest counties in terms of population. Information about the Tar Heel State collected

Hall may double its population by 2040
Gainesville Times
By Tricia L. Nadolny tnadolny@gainesvilletimes.com If Hall County doubles in population over the next 30 years – as an estimate released last week projects – experts say there’s no time to push back planning for the surge. “Thinking about a real high

Census: County population increased
Pittsburg Morning Sun
By MATTHEW CLARK Crawford County’s new population figures are 39134, a 2.33 percent increase over its 2000 population, figured at 38242. It is an increase of 892 people. Other counties across southeast Kansas saw marked decreases.

Population increases despite poor housing market
Suburban Life Publications
According to recently released census data, Bartlett’s population is 41208 – an increase of 12.3 percent from the 2000 census. Thanks to a railroad running straight through the downtown district, Bartlett was able to establish itself and grow from a

Census Shows Stable County Population
South County Times
Some communities, like Sunset Hills, even gained population. Sunset Hills, for example, showed an increase from 8267 in 2000 to 8496 for 2010. Fenton lost population in the last 10 years, going from 4360 in 2000 to 4022 in 2010.

Johnson County Officials Welcome Population Boom
Johnson County is officially the largest county in the state of Kansas, according to the latest US Census numbers, as the population grew by 21 percent over the past decade to overtake Sedgwick County. But is that growth too much too soon for county


Asia & Middle East

Chinese government could relax its ‘one-child’ policy
AHN | All Headline News
Chinese population experts say that the figure of 6.3 million last year was a pointer to a sluggish rate of population growth than in 2009, and there are strong indications that the government would relax its generation-old family planning limits.

Population poser
Malaysia Star
IS “over-population” the cause of hunger? Yet nobody would suggest that such densely-populated places like Hong Kong, Singapore or Holland are suffering from a lack of food and should “cull” their people. Taking Population Seriously, a book published

Rapid Population Growth Hampers Efforts To Keep Kota Baharu Clean, Kelantan
KOTA BAHARU, March 2 (Bernama) — The Kelantan State Assembly was on Wednesday told that Kota Baharu town is dirty because of its rapid population growth. State Local Government, Tourism and Culture Committee chairman Datuk Takiyuddin Hassan said the

Is India Moving towards Population Stabilization? | Partners in
By ppdsec
Six months ago, the Indian Parliament debated the topic of population stabilization. Almost all the major parties in India agree on the need to reduce the population growth rate in India, and during the debate there was general support ..

With Population Rising, Who is the Worlds most Typical Person
By Rennie
Thomas Malthus, toward the end of the book in which he formulated the iron law by which unchecked population growth leads to famine, he declared that law is a good thing: It gets us off our duffs. It leads us to conquer the world.


Paul Lucas turns hospital waiting list blame back on ageing population
Courier Mail
by Sophie Elsworth ACTING Premier Paul Lucas has blamed the state’s lengthy specialist waiting list on Queensland’s ageing population and soaring demand. But a major doctors’ group says the state’s hospital system must be expanded if there is to be any

No ‘we are full’ sign for Melbourne
The Age
THE Baillieu government will not be hanging out a ”we are full” sign for Melbourne, despite conceding booming population growth has been eroding living standards for years. In a sign that the big population strategy pursued by the former Brumby


Rwanda looks to vasectomy to tackle population growth
Rwanda is introducing the “no-scalpel” (NSV) procedure in a typically bold approach to curb an explosion in its population, which has risen fourfold over the past 50 years to top 10 million. The tiny country is already the most densely populated in

Despite a high birth rate, Swaziland’s population has shrunk in
By African Press International
“The Central Bank reports every year that this gap [between economic and population growth] represents a deterioration of the standard of living for the average Swazi. All economic indicators have been declining for the past 10 years ,



Booming population creates demand for school places
Stoke & Staffordshire
EXCITED: New Ford Primary pupils Joe Hammond, aged 11, and Caitlyn Boon, nine. Picture: Mark Scott NINE-YEAR-OLD Caitlyn Boon can’t wait to see her school’s new classrooms take shape. She only has to peer out of the windows to see the builders

Russian Population Shrank by 7400 Last Year, Resuming Declines
By Scott Rose – Wed Mar 02 13:00:00 GMT 2011 Russia’s population shrank last year after a 66 percent surge in immigration failed to offset the country’s “natural decline,” according to the Federal Statistics Service. The population fell by 7400 people

There’s room to spare at population meeting » News » This Is Guernsey
By newsroom
States’ deputy chief executive Nigel Lewis, a member of the Population Policy Group, presents possible ways forward to manage the number of people living here . (Picture by Steve Sarre, 1101609). A PRESENTATION on how Guernsey might

Life expectancy: Take a positive look at our ageing population
The Guardian
Next year, for instance, the European working age population will begin to shrink, while the over-60 population will continue to increase by at least 2 million a year. Once, retirement would last less than a decade before a pensioner succumbed.

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