Utah growing like a third-world country

May 17, 2011 • Family Planning, United States, Daily Email Recap

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Utah Growing Like  Third World Country

By Eric C. Ewert

First published Mar 26 2011 12:10AM
Updated Mar 26, 2011 01:59AM

Earlier this year, the U.S. Census Bureau began to trickle out what will become a deluge of data collected for the 2010 decennial census. Already, politicians, editorial writers and business leaders have begun to sift through the numbers and apply their particular spin to them.

Some of the statistics require no hyperbole: Utah added more than a half a million people between 2000 and 2010, a 23.8 percent population increase that was eclipsed only by Nevada and Arizona. In fact, Utah was the only state to record growth in every one of its 29 counties.

Many Utahns attribute this remarkable expansion to immigration (the majority come not from Mexico, but from California), yet most of Utah’s population growth is home-grown: lots of babies. Utah “enjoys” the nation’s highest fertility rate, which translates into the country’s largest family sizes, greatest number of people per household, youngest population (nearly one third of Utahns are younger than 18), youngest age of first marriage, largest average classroom enrollments, and not surprisingly, the highest rate of household bankruptcy in the United States.

Demographically speaking then, Utah looks more like a Third World country than a member of the First World, where populations have stabilized in recent decades.

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