July 25, 2011 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Dave Foreman and Christianne Hinks for this announcement about Dave’s latest book.

Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife

The population bomb did not fizzle.

It blew up.

It is still blowing up.


1960: 3 Billion

Today: 7 Billion

2050: 9.4 Billion

2100: 11 or 12 Billion


1960: 179 Million

Today: 310 Million

2050: 440 Million

2100: 600 to 800 Million

Man Swarm is OUR population explosion.

Man Swarm is the main driver behind the biodiversity crisis-the greatest mass extinction since the dinosaurs became extinct, the scalping of hundreds of millions of acres of forest and other key wildlife habitat, and the atmospheric pollution by greenhouse gases leading to “Global Weirding.”

Conservation leader and visionary Dave Foreman shows that only by stabilizing human population worldwide and in the United States can we stop wrecking our home-Earth.  Foreman outlines a sweep of practical steps we can take to bring our numbers down to what Earth can support-if we have the daring, boldness, and love of life to do it.

Annotated Chapter List

1 Man’s Population Explosion – Mass extinction and human overpopulation. A historical and numerical look at the population explosion and what it means to Earth.

2 What’s It Truly All About? – Eileen Crist shows how the population-stabilization and limits-to-growth campaign has stumbled because it has not targeted how overpopulation kills other Earthlings.

3 Carrying Capacity and the Upright Ape – The biology of carrying capacity and how it holds true for Man, too. William Catton on how we’ve overshot carrying capacity.

4 How the Man Swarm Eats Earth – A beginning survey of how our growth is behind the Seven Ecological Wounds, and a call for more, targeted research.

5 Cornucopia Dreaming – A look at cornucopianism and the Idea of Progress. The madness of Julian Simon deconstructed by thinking scientists.

6 Birth Dearth Follies – What is wrong with the thinking of those who fear a “birth dearth” and who call for population growth in those countries that have stabilized their populations.

7 Was Ehrlich Wrong? – Weighing the claims of those who say that Paul Ehrlich and other population “doomsayers” of the 1960s and 1970s have been disproved.

8 A History of Thinking about Man’s Limits – Five ways of seeing the Impact of overpopulation. A survey of thinking about overshooting carrying capacity since Herodotus.

9 The Great Backtrack – The historical, political, and sociological grounds for why conservation­ists and environmentalists have backtracked on overpopulation worldwide and in the United States after 1975.

10 Population or Affluence-Or Technology? – How technology plays in I=PAT. Recent studies showing that we cannot lighten our ecological footprints by checking affluence alone – freezing population growth is essential.

11 The Bugbear of Immigration – The overwhelm­ing role of immigration behind population growth in the United States and why it is such a thorny devil.

12 How to Cap Immigration to the United States – Bold, kind, and thoughtful steps to cap immigration, lawful and unlawful, to the United States.

13 What Do We Do? – Straightforward, bold steps we can take to freeze and then lower population through conservation action, personal choices, and political decisions.

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What You Can Do

First Steps:

ONE: Make Population a Conservation Care Again

TWO: Build a Strong Body of Population Workers Within Conservation

Sign the Population Pledge and send it in

Have no children, or at most one or two

Speak out on the threat of overpopulation to wildlife

Explain to others how U.S. and world populations are still exploding

Distribute this brochure and the Man Swarm book

Support the Following:

Stabilize population in your city or community

Stabilize population in the U.S. (or your country)

Stabilize world population

Provide widespread, convenient, and free family planning of all kinds to all women in the World

Include family planning in all economic and health aid throughout the world

Lower immigration to where it doesn’t lead to population increase in your country

Reform world agricultural policies so that farmers in Mexico and other countries can compete and make a living

End the war on drugs so Mexico can have a safe, civil society

Stop all encroachment on wildlife habitat by growing populations

Go to These Websites:

Conservationists Overpopulation Pledge

I understand that the human population explosion is still happening and that it is the main driver of mass species extinction, wildland destruction and development, and global weirdness (greenhouse gas pollution). I support stabilizing population worldwide and in the United States (or your country: ____________), and I ask conservation groups to once again make population stabilization a priority.

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