Confluence of Gender Equality and Clean Energy

September 13, 2011 • Gender Equality, Daily Email Recap

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Theme – Confluence of Gender Equality and Clean Energy


This issue continues the series on gender equality and clean energy. There is an incalculable number of vexing issues that relate, directly or indirectly, to sustainable human development. It is not unlike a ball of hair that defies combing. Hair threads (human issues) must be disentangled before they can be combed (issues resolved).

The working hypothesis that emerges from this series is that the “ball of hair” can be disentangled if, and only if, two issues are resolved: divisive gender inequalities and greasy fossil fuels. Gender inequalities are the most universal source of disunity and hostility in human affairs. In today’s world, fossil fuels provide the grease that makes the “ball of hair” sticky and practically impossible to comb.

When the original unity of man and woman was broken, thereby breaking their “unity in diversity,” social entropy (disunity, disorder, violence) ensued in human affairs. Energy is required to sustain all human activity, and social entropy requires additional energy to sustain social cohesion. In today’s world, the use of fossil fuels as a source of “cheap” energy also exacerbates physical entropy (resource depletion, GHG emissions, climate change) throughout the human habitat.

It is proposed that the confluence of cross-gender solidarity and clean energy would bring social and physical entropy to a sustainable level.


The outline for this issue is as follows:

Page 1. Editorial ~ On the Confluence of Gender Equality and Clean Energy

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