Book: Seeds of Destruction

September 21, 2011 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Allan Hendry for this information about his new book.

Seeds of Destruction

This new eco-thriller, although a page-turning read aimed at the popular market, nevertheless carries powerful messages about ecology and population.

Very readable, complex, high in action and set internationally, it still manages to present stark facts to those who might have had little awareness of these issues.

The deliberately ambiguous ending will inevitably leave thoughts in any reader’s mind.

Some early excerpts from people who share concerns about our future:

Niel Bowerman sat on Obama’s Environment Policy Team . “A true page-turner.  I read it cover-to-cover in one go. Touches on fundamental questions about over-population and extinction, and I hope it will bring these important issues to a wider audience.”

Paige Andrews, Worldwide Director of US based Climatico. “A complex, tightly woven story and irresistible page-turner. Will challenge your beliefs about humanity, leaving you wondering just how far is too far. Both gripping and thought-provoking.”

Lisa Sammet, President of Vermonters for a Sustainable Population. “An environmental thriller that is a gripping, can’t-put-it-down type of read. I am an environmentalist and as the title states, the “Seeds of Destruction” that we are sowing, shows these problems are going to bring on ever greater problems unless we wake up and do something.”

Nick Goldie, is the fiction reviewer for the newsletter of Sustainable Population of Australia. “Complex and full of action. Contemporary issues such as population, food security, and the breakdown of society are just below the surface.”

Dr Ian McKee, MBE, Member of Scottish Parliament. “The pace and excitement of a gripping thriller, with a serious message about the crisis that awaits  our planet if the growth in population remains unchecked.”

Ellie Hopkins, co-director of the UK Youth Climate Coalition. “Gripped from page one, literally left my heart thumping, with the potential for it all to be too true. The use of a context that totally exists, makes you wonder how far people would go for any cause, however well intentioned.”

Julie Burdis, of the arts community in Alice Springs. “It is unputdownable. Fiction hits a few home truths. An edifying read.”

Susan Vetrone, is a US VP of Marketing. “Intriguing locations and twists pull you in. A surprise around the corner. Fantastic!”

Clive Brooks, author and musician. “It will leave you with a chilling awareness of what could become our tomorrow.”

More details of the book can be found on its web site

The author, Allan Hendry, can be contacted on He is looking for more reactions and reviews from people around the world, active in ecological and population issues.  Anyone willing to do such a review, or who wishes be sent a copy of the book, should contact him.

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