Population 7 Billion: It’s Time to Talk – WEBCHAT

October 18, 2011 • Daily Email Recap

I am pleased to invite you to join in a live web-chat tomorrow, Wednesday, October 19th at 2:00pm ET (11:00am PT). I will be joined by Julia Whitty, environmental correspondent for Mother Jones Magazine and Bob Walker, executive vice-president of the Population Institute, as we discuss population’s complex, pervasive relationship to the most pressing issues of our time — including climate change, biodiversity losses, global equity and human rights. Click here for more information:


This web-chat has been organized as part of the Population 7 Billion: It’s Time to Talk campaign. We will:

  • Touch on the environmental, social and economic implications of current UN population projections (the UN estimate a global population of 10 billion by the year 2100 – currently expanding at a rate of over 220,000 additional people per day).
  • Address the complex picture of global fertility: where it is very low, where it is at replacement level and where it remains high and very high. Challenges to further fertility reductions will be explained and discussed.

  • Explore the human rights enhancing avenues towards early global population stabilization.
  • Analyze the many strains of opposition to population stabilization – e.g. from religious dogmas, pro-growth vested interests; and look at the growing network of conservation, alternative economic and sustainability organizations recognizing the merits of early population stabilization.
This web-chat is being hosted by the Post Carbon Institute’s Energy Bulletin program, which acts as a clearinghouse for information regarding the peak in global energy supply and other subjects that could lead to better understanding the implications of an energy production peak. Post Carbon Institute is a program partner for the Population 7 Billion: It’s Time to Talk campaign.

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