Sleepwalking to Catastrophe

October 27, 2011 • Daily Email Recap

Since October 31 is the Day of Seven Billion, now would be an excellent time for you to submit a letter to the editor to your local paper, linking global growth to a local growth issue that is currently in the news.

Thanks to Fiona Heinrichs for this link to her new book, Sleepwalking to Catastrophe.  The book can be found at  Following is a review of the book by Frosty Wooldridge, published at

Honors graduate Fiona Heinrichs understands Australia’s unsustainable future in her latest piece, “Collapseology: why this should be shaping Australian public policy.”

She is an honors graduate from Sydney who is very concerned about population growth and environmental sustainability.

She has recently authored a book titled, Sleepwalking to Catastrophe: ‘Big Australia’, Immigration, Population Expansion and the Impossibility of Endless Economic Growth in a Finite World. It can be found at Sleepwalking-to-Catastrophe.

Australia’s landmass equals America’s lower 48 states, but with one big exception. Australia features 96 percent desert.  It lacks water, arable land and resources to carry its current population load.  Yet, politicians remain bent on adding 10 million more people to Australia.  What does Australia face with the projected 10 million added humans?

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