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Feeding The Raging Monster: How Canada Promotes Population Growth At Home And Abroad

December 5, 2011 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Tim Murray for this overview of an article by Madeline Weld of the Population Institute of Canada, which you can download at Originally printed in the Autumn Issue Humanist Perspectives 44(3): 6−17, 2011.

Feeding The Raging Monster: How Canada Promotes Population Growth At Home And Abroad


In this essay, Madeline Weld uses Canada as a case study of how and why global overpopulation is inextricably bound up with mass immigration. In her words, “Canadian policies create positive feedback loops for population growth…and environmental destruction….both at home and around the world….Immigration to the West can be a fertility stimulant for people who retain pro-natalist norms and perceive an improvement in their economic prospects. Thus immigration doesn’t just increase the number of people in the high-consuming destination country, it also increases the total number of people in the world over what it would have been had the immigrants stayed put.”

To illustrate this point, Ms. Weld describes the dialectic between the Philippines and Canada, where high fertility in one country is rewarded by the immigration policy of the other.  Most galling is the fact that while immigrants to Canada —less than 20% of whom are selected for their skills—tend to fare poorly in the Canadian economy and impose an annual fiscal burden of between $18-23 billion on Canadian taxpayers, the Harper government has cut aid to International Planned Parenthood, and the Canadian International Development Agency allocates a miniscule portion of its budget to family planning—-a failing it shares with many other aid agencies.

In tracing the reasons why resources once deployed to contraception have been redirected elsewhere, Ms. Weld returns to the International Conference on Population and Development in  Cairo (1994), where she exposes how the feminist NGOs’ fear-mongering about coercion in population control amounted to a de facto collusion with the Vatican—and conservative Islamic countries—to thwart effective population stabilization measures, with incalculable consequences to all of us —-most especially the citizens of failed states.  It appears that the politics of pro-natalism and mass immigration not only make for strange ideological bedfellows but synergize to promote population growth locally and nationally.

Tim Murray

PS The reason why this article is so important is that it addresses one of the most commonplace objections one hears about focusing any attention on immigration reduction, an objection one even hears from people within our own ranks, the global population stabilization movement. It is an attitude well articulated by the question that CBC journalist Anna Maria Tremonte once posed to Paul Watson:
“You know, reducing immigration doesn’t reduce the population on the planet, just the population of the United States. Why not focus on the global overpopulation?”

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