How Can Planet Earth Sustain Its Population?

December 19, 2011 • Daily Email Recap

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How Can Planet Earth Sustain Its Population?

The world has just hit a new population number: 7 billion people live on the planet. Is this number sustainable?

The book Growing Pains: A Planet in Distress takes an in-depth and eye-opening look at the Earth’s greatest threat, that of too many people living on one small planet. Growing Pains is a provocative and critically acclaimed book that addresses rampant population growth, as it points us toward a path to sustainability. When you read this compelling book, the realization sets in that the long and good fights by our environmentalists, anti-poverty groups and world aid groups are all for naught, as every gain is soon overwhelmed by the pressures of more population growth.

The time has come to expose the myths and taboos that are holding us back from addressing this critical issue threatening our planet. This award-winning book is a brave and rare effort to demystify the population puzzle, and it takes positive action toward reaching a population level that is sustainable.

GROWING PAINS: A PLANET IN DISTRESS (ISBN:  978-1-61897-089-3) is available at:

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and in multi-formats for other e-Readers through numerous vendors online.

About the Author: Valorie M. Allen of Alberta, Canada, has spent the past 25 years working with environmental groups. She was awarded the Canadian Volunteer Award in 1994, an event which helped her realize that her efforts to save the environment were being undermined by an escalating global population crisis. She began concentrating her efforts on bringing attention to the population issue, a mission that continues with the publication of this award-winning book. Read more on her website at

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