We Have Enough Humans, Thanks

December 23, 2011 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Daily Email Recap

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We Have Enough Humans, Thanks.

Why Some Twentysomethings Are Redefining the Family and Nixing the Kids

by Sarah Mirk

HANNA BROOKS OLSEN first tried to get her tubes tied when she was 19.

“Every year, since I was 19, I’ve gone to the same Planned Parenthood clinic. And every year, I’ve asked if I can qualify for a tubal ligation. At 19, the doctor told me I needed to be 21. When I was 21, she told me 25. The last time I went in, she told me I had to wait until I’m 30,” says Olsen, who is now 24 and working as a writer and editor in Seattle.

“Birth control is crappy and expensive and at any time it could be voted out from under me. I want to be responsible with my health,” says Olsen. “I’m happy with the idea of a life that doesn’t involve me ever having children.”

Last week, the global population hit seven billion, highlighting the high stakes of reproducing ourselves. Clearly, there is no longer a biological need to pop out children to ensure the survival of the race-but young adults who opt against children face a serious stigma.

Humans have bickered over the morals of not having children ever since 1500 BC, when God killed Onan for spilling his seed during coitus interruptus. Since then, we’ve progressed a surprisingly short distance-while even the pope no longer considers contraception grounds for smiting, the image of a normal family is one that includes children.

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