Organizing To Win

January 5, 2012 • Daily Email Recap

Thanks to Oakvillegreen Conservation Association’s Liz Benneian, an award-winning environmental activist, community leader and former journalist, for these excerpts from the group’s “Organizing To Win” seminars. These seminars teach groups how to become more effective advocates for their causes.

For example, individuals highly concerned about a) local population growth, or b) international family-planning funding decisions made by their federal representatives could benefit from these pointers. Especially interesting is the section titled “Understanding How Decisions Are Made.”

Getting Organized: Creating A Group from the Ground Up

Determine your goals. Develop a mission statement. Don’t waste time wordsmything these things to death. This is soul-destroying stuff and will drive people away. Mission statements are not etched in stone and can be changed as your group moves along.

Choose a chair. The chair must be tough and fair and put inter-committee squabbles to an end. The core group must trust each other, support each other and further the group’s goals. Anyone who cannot do that must go.

Announce the group, organize an event and invite others to join.

You can download the full text (pdf) here:

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