The New “Anti-Choice” Movement

January 16, 2012 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, United States, Daily Email Recap

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The New “Anti-Choice” Movement

Thank you, Rick Santorum, for clarifying what it means today to be “anti-choice.”  Historically that label has been applied to those who would deny women the right to an abortion.  Now the whole world knows that an increasing number of social conservatives are not just anti-abortion; they are avidly anti-contraception as well.

For years, even decades now, many social conservatives have justified their opposition to family planning by linking it to abortion, but within the past year it’s been increasingly clear that they are also opposed to contraception.

When Rick Santorum said last week that he thought states should have the power to ban family planning, he wasn’t saying anything new.  He had been saying it all along; most of us just weren’t listening.  Apparently, he has always believed in the “dangers of contraception.”

If the polls can be believed, Rick Santorum’s political ascendancy is about to crash, but “pro-choice” advocates should be forever thankful to him for putting the religious right’s hostility toward contraception into full public view.

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