Birth rate plummets in Brazil

January 23, 2012 • Brazil, Serial Dramas, Daily Email Recap

Thanks to David Zakus and Leon Kolankiewicz for pointing out this article. I especially draw your attention to the final section, “The Telenovela Effect“. You can read more about PMC’s efforts in Brazil here. As a reminder, Brazil (195 million) accounts for roughly 2.7% of world population. See:

Birth rate plummets in Brazil

By Juan Forero, Published: December 29

BATAN, Brazil – Priscila da Silva once asked her grandmother why she had 12 children, and the answer was simple: “Because I wanted to.”

These days, Silva, like many women in Brazil and the rest of Latin America, has other plans. At 24, she thinks about having one child, if that.

“The situation today is different, and raising a child is difficult,” said Silva, slicing tomatoes at a restaurant that she founded with four other women, only one of whom has planned a family of any size. “This is another time, and it’s not the same.”

Fertility rates have dropped in many parts of the world in recent decades, but something particularly remarkable happened to the once-prolific family across Latin America. From sprawling Mexico to tiny Ecuador to economically buoyant Chile, fertility rates plummeted, even though abortion is illegal, the Catholic Church opposes birth control and government-run family planning is rare.

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