Peter Gleick: Population Dynamics Key to Sustainable Water Solutions

January 30, 2012 • Water, Daily Email Recap

Congratulations to the New Security Beat, the blog of the Environmental Change and Security Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, for prospering into their 5th year of existence. Their efforts help me to share this quick Saturday morning reading (and watching). Click here for Peter Gleick, world renowned water expert, commenting on the relationship between water and population:

Peter Gleick – Addressing Water and Population Dynamics

“Water is tied to everything we care about,” said MacArthur “Genius” Fellow and President of the Pacific Institute Peter Gleick in an interview with ECSP. However, “we cannot talk about water or any other resource issue…without also understanding the enormously important role of population dynamics and population growth.”
As world population passes seven billion, there is substantial pressure on natural resources. Gleick, who recently launched the seventh edition of The World’s Water at the Wilson Center, spoke previously to ECSP about “peak water,” noting that people are, and have been for some time, using groundwater faster than it can be naturally replenished.

“Unless we talk about population, and its role in all of these resource issues,” said Gleick, “then we are never going to move to sustainable solutions.”

In the short-term, we should start by integrating our discussions about natural resources, water, food, energy, and population. “That is proving to be a challenge for policymakers, but it’s a challenge we are going to have to overcome,” he concluded.

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