Politicians, Pom-Poms and Population Growth

February 13, 2012 • Daily Email Recap

Many population activists are aware of the tried and true thirst most politicians have for population growth. Below is a recent story, from Canada which displays this tendency.

See: http://www.timescolonist.com/news/Booming+population+West+Shore+threatens+worsen+traffic+snarlups/6132231/story.html

Booming population in West Shore threatens to worsen traffic snarlups
By Derek Spalding, Times Colonist February 10, 2012

Traffic nightmares on key commuter routes between Greater Victoria municipalities will get worse with rapidly growing West Shore communities expected to see further population jumps in the next five years.

Mayors from at least two West Shore communities expect their ballooning populations to continue increasing at rates similar to those confirmed by census data released Wednesday.

Five communities in the West Shore accounted for 75 per cent of all population growth in metropolitan Victoria. Langford led the way, with its population increasing to 29,228, a 30 per cent jump since 2006. Mayor Stew Young expects and wants more growth.

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