Birthrates Didn’t Doom Japan

March 26, 2012 • Daily Email Recap

I am very happy to distribute the following column, written by Froma Harrop. It is an excellent take on the situation in Japan. The Japanese population stabilization and (eventual) gradual decline have caused most pro-growth economists and other such cheerleaders to convulse in fear. As such, this is an especially nice read. See:

COLUMN: Birthrates did not doom Japan

There’s one complaint visitors to Tokyo rarely make, and that is “not enough people.” With a population of 36 million, the Tokyo metropolitan area stuffs an average 6,800 people in each square mile. By contrast, the New York metro area, with 19 million residents, has a density of 2,800 people per square mile.

The Tokyo subways still employ the legendary “people pushers,” who shove passengers into the already packed cars. The Japanese have a word for their daily trip to work: “tsukin jigoku,” or “commuter hell.”

In an area about the size of Montana, Japan has a population of 128 million. Montana has about 1 million. If any country could do with fewer people, it would be Japan.

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