The Best Birth Control In The World Is For Men

April 2, 2012 • Family Planning, Daily Email Recap

The short article pasted below reminds us of the reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance (RISUG) male contraceptive technology currently being studied in India. Interestingly, the Parsemus Foundation (whose director of medical research is based in California) works to advance innovative and neglected medical research and is attempting to market a RISUG technology in the United States under the brand name Vasagel.

The Best Birth Control In The World Is For Men
Posted by Jon Clinkenbeard. March 26, 2012, 11:25 AM CDT


If I were going to describe the perfect contraceptive, it would go something like this: no babies, no latex, no daily pill to remember, no hormones to interfere with mood or sex drive, no negative health effects whatsoever, and 100 percent effectiveness. The funny thing is, something like that currently exists.

The procedure called RISUG in India (reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance) takes about 15 minutes with a doctor, is effective after about three days, and lasts for 10 or more years. A doctor applies some local anesthetic, makes a small pinhole in the base of the scrotum, reaches in with a pair of very thin forceps, and pulls out the small white vas deferens tube. Then, the doctor injects the polymer gel (called Vasalgel here in the US), pushes the vas deferens back inside, repeats the process for the other vas deferens, puts a Band-Aid over the small hole, and the man is on his way. If this all sounds incredibly simple and inexpensive, that’s because it is. The chemicals themselves cost less than the syringe used to administer them. But the science of what happens next is the really fascinating part.

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