One Song at A Time

May 3, 2012 • Reproductive Health, Serial Dramas, United States, News

I would like to take a moment and welcome the 40 new PMC Daily Email subscribers that joined us in April, bringing our total distribution list close to 1,300 people. I especially welcome the new subscribers from Green Mountain College, VT, where Bill Ryerson recently gave a presentation titled “A Proven Strategy: Using Entertainment Media to Achieve a Sustainable Population.

Another form of entertainment —  music — is being deployed to raise awareness around maternal health, both a stand-alone and population-related issue that PMC works on in many of our dramas around the world. You can read about the Every Mother Counts 2012 CD in the following Huffington blog post, authored by Kristi York Wooten and Christy Turlington Burns.

Improving Maternal Healthcare, One Song at a Time

Note from the bloggers: As fellow music lovers and advocates for improving maternal health, we’re joining our voices to let you know about a new CD that will help make a difference in women’s lives around the world.

“Daddy, Daddy,” a little girl calls out in the background. The strumming of an acoustic guitar begins and then gives way to a familiar, rough-hewn voice.

It’s Eddie Vedder.

“All of my life, from beginning to end, what I’ll remember is holding your hand,” he sings. “All that I cherish is the time that we spent, me and you skipping, throughout the land.”

The song evokes images of the pastimes enjoyed by fathers and daughters, but its sentiment about the unique bond between a parent and child transcends both gender and time.

Vedder’s exclusive recording of “Skipping,” part of the Every Mother Counts 2012 CD compilation available today at Starbucks, is one of nineteen tracks donated by some of music’s biggest names to ensure that holding hands — and other simple pleasures of parenthood — aren’t thwarted by complications from pregnancy and childbirth.

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