Carl Safina: How May People Can the World Support? It Depends…

May 9, 2012 • Daily Email Recap

You may enjoy the following excerpt/adaptation, recently printed in the HuffPost, from Carl Safina’s book (“The View From Lazy Point; A Natural Year in an Unnatural World”). Safina is the author of six books and many other writings about how the ocean is changing and also founding President of Blue Ocean Institute.

How May People Can the World Support? It Depends…
Posted: 05/08/2012 9:46 am


Along the coast where I live, at almost any time of year I love to experience the energies of various migrations of birds and of fish and whales. I think of it as the real world, as natural.

But can we distinguish real from artificial when the world has become so human-dominated that some geologists have suggested naming our time the Anthropocene, the time of people? The migrations, the weather — when we look closely, all bear our thumbprint.

In my idealistic youth I was sometimes told to “pay attention to the real world.” But there I saw a place of tedium tallied in digits and zeros, where strings of zeroes are pursued and prized. The mass delusion of business’s “real world” is the faith that the ledger books capture the value and the consequences of our transactions. They don’t. Yet that collective delusion is real enough to mask some very concrete things.

If people are using the world’s forests, fishes, soils, freshwater and other resources something like 25 percent faster than the world can replace them, it means, basically, that the world would already be broke if we weren’t taking so heavily from the future. People call it “leveraging,” but a new word for delusion doesn’t cure the illness.

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