Activist Organization Update: How Many?

June 5, 2012 • Family Planning, United States, Daily Email Recap

Today, I am pleased to update you on the activities and efforts of, an organization based in the San Fransisco Bay Area, whose mission is:

“To help solve environmental and social problems by including population size in discussions of those problems. We work to remove the obstacles that keep population from being seriously and rationally discussed in public discourse, and to empower people to determine, reach and maintain the best population size for their regions and the planet.”

Searle Whitney is the founder of He graduated cum laude from Yale University and holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University in psychology / linguistics. Searle writes:

We continue to improve our home site,, as part of the mission to raise awareness of the importance of including population size in strategies for solving many of the world’s problems, and awareness that the solutions are right in front of us and are things we should be doing anyway.

The site includes scientific research, opinion pieces and economic theory to tell the facts about population, the problems caused by overpopulation, the effective actions we could be taking, and the things that prevent us from taking these actions.  We also include links to outside campaigns, and to events in which we participate as hosts, sponsors, presenters or panelists.  Traffic to the site has increased about 30 percent per quarter in the 2 years it has been online.   We are now also on Social Media Networks, including:





We’d be thrilled to connect – please check us out!

In the past 6 months , we have initiated 5 new projects:


– our original content blog about the latest news and issues that relate to the role that population growth plays in everything from economic activity to politics and family planning; from social and environmental pressures to historic world events. Senior Writer Suzanne York contributes weekly and so can you!

– Educational Speaker Series –
These local events brings together environmentalists, social activists, civic and non-profit leaders, scientists, academics, journalists and community members to engage in monthly discussions on national and global issues related to population.  Events are free to the public and feature an array of topics, including ecological economics and carbon footprint, environmental justice, water shortages and loss of biodiversity, and reproductive rights and women’s health.  Often held in conjunction with like-minded organizations, these informative evenings feature well-known speakers, and often premier the latest documentary films at the intersection of population and the environment.

– The News Directory –

Our latest web resource is designed to aid journalists, students, scientists and the general public in researching and understanding the connections between current news items and human impact. This growing archive unearths the topic of population which is often missing from mainstream media coverage of social and environmental issues, including water and energy shortages, joblessness and economic decline, to species extinction, natural disasters and climate change, among others.  To preserve a semblance of sanity, we try to include a bit of humor.

– –
a site to try to draw attention to the failings of “growth for the sake of growth” here in California.   Developers and bankers have convinced and financed some of the largest environmental organizations to lobby their regional agencies for what they describe as “smart growth”.  If that were the only alternative to massive sprawl, we would support it too.   But there is practically no one advocating for the truly-sustainable alternatives: no growth, or degrowth.  This is definitely in our “tough row to hoe” category.  Our hats off to Dave Gardiner and Jack Marshall for their inspirational work in their local communities.

– Translation of Web/Marketing Content –
We are developing partnerships to boost outreach to Latino communities in the Bay Area (and globally through the internet).  Some of our most popular articles will soon be available as downloadable .PDFs in English and Spanish.

For a fuller description of all our current programs, please visit

We appreciate the noticeable bump in population awareness surrounding the advent of 2011 Halloween Baby “7B”, and all the articles and interviews that the media picked up on.   People from the local chapters of several environmental and advocacy organizations have been pleased to partner with us around population talks and film screenings.  The highest priority for us moving forward, and we believe for the movement as a whole, is to continue to build alliances among seemingly disparate groups within the social and environmental justice movements; to not ignore the economic and political realities we (and our politicians) face; and to stay focused on our entire planet, and strategies that embrace diversity and inclusion of all its people.

One upcoming challenge is getting more direct inclusion of women’s reproductive health issues at global conferences such as Rio + 20.

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