Afghanistan’s population increasing rapidly

August 27, 2012 • Family Planning, Asia/Pacific, News

The following story reports on rapid population growth in Afghanistan, said to be roughly 500,000 per year. Of special note, the story indicates that 90% of Afghan families are aware of methods for birth control but only 20% apply those methods. The reasons most families do not adhere to the suggested methods mainly have to do with religious and cultural views.

Afghanistan’s population increasing rapidly
Afghanistan’s Center of Statistics Office (CSO) warns the country about the upcoming economic issues arising from rapid increase in the population rate.

According to Ismatullah Ramzi, advisor to the CSO, Afghanistan’s population swells up by 500,000 annually. The government is responsible to meet the rising population’s requirements.

“This is a certainly major issue. The population’s education, health, shelter and food requirements should be seriously considered.”

The CSO has predicted Afghanistan’s population to grow over 26 million based on surveys in 2004 and 2005. Fifty-one percent of the population would be comprised of males and forty-nine percent of females.

Experts say that a society that sees rapid population growth should be able to provide opportunities in proportion to the growth rate. New job opportunities should be created to prevent unemployment and poverty that may otherwise result in increasing crime rate, growing illiteracy and lack of access to health centers.

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