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September 11, 2012 • Family Planning, HIV/AIDS, Serial Dramas, Sierra Leone, News

Population Media Center is currently competing to earn a permanent place on the popular philanthropic website, Global Giving. The parameters of victory include raising $4,000 from 50 unique donors in support of our new radio serial drama in Sierra Leone — Saliwansai — prior to September 30.

In a nut-shell, Global Giving maintains a portfolio of over 1,000 pre-screened grassroots charity projects around the world and, via their website, connects these projects with dedicated philanthropists. If we are successful in our goals, we will be eligible to continue receiving donations from the general public, private and corporate foundations through and take advantage of GlobalGiving’s fundraising tools and services. This is important, because it will allow us entrée with donors who might not otherwise be made aware of our work. In fact, since 2002, 276,273 donors have given $70,103,406 to 6,104 different projects via Global Giving.

If you are interested in learning more about this challenge you can review the website by clicking below.





Background on the Sierra Leone Project:

Sierra Leone is a country of approximately 6 million people with a population doubling time of 32 years. The total fertility rate of 5 children per woman is among the highest in the world. This high fertility rate is compounded by low use and knowledge of modern contraceptive methods by men and women throughout the country. The fertility rate is, in part, a reflection of the ideal number of children among married women (5.3) and among married men (6.8).

In preparation for Saliwansai, PMC opened a brand new studio in Freetown, equipped with state of the art recording technology. PMC staff provided training for local production staff and additionally, PMC teamed up with Hollywood actress Alexandra Paul to hold workshops for the cast of Saliwansai. The group worked on cultivating acting techniques and delving into their character’s motivation, intention, and identity. PMC recognizes the value of strong character development and excellent casting in producing a successful drama, and spends several weeks at the beginning of each project building the skills of local actors.

The drama will address many issues, including:
1. Reproductive health and family planning
2. Adolescent reproductive health and unplanned pregnancies
3. Gender-based violence
5. Obstetric fistula, pregnancy related-complications, and the importance of antenatal care

Through positive messaging and role modeling, Saliwansai aims to encourage new social norms. With audiences already praising Saliwansai, PMC hopes that the program will be successful in stimulating discussion on these important social issues.

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