London Summit: a compilation of commitments

September 17, 2012 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Daily Email Recap

Below is a recent press release from the UK’s Department of International Development, which announces the publication of a new document compiling the specific commitments made during the July 2012 London Summit of Family Planning. The document has been posted Google Docs for your review:

London Summit: a compilation of commitments


The London Summit on Family Planning: they came, they talked, they committed. Now all those commitments are in print, in a DFID document released today. The commitments come from 10 donor countries, 6 foundations, 19 developing countries, 21 civil society groups, 3 multi-lateral partnerships, and 1 private sector company.

The stated aim of the summit was to raise sufficient donor funds to meet the unmet need for contraception of 120 million women worldwide by 2020. The calculation is that this will require an injection of an extra $4.3 billion into family planning programmes over the next 8 years. Of that $4.3 billion, $2.3 billion will need to be provided by donors.

The London Summit on Family Planning harvested undertakings from a vast diversity of organisations and nations which enabled it to easily overshoot that $2.3 billion target.

It’s an awful lot of numbers to get hold of in just two paragraphs, but in summary, what it says is that the world is putting its money where its mouth is, taking SRH seriously, and placing it at the centre of the development agenda.

The Summary of Commitments incorporates IPPF’s own commitment to treble the number of women’s and girls’ lives saved each year by 2020.

With increased capacity, increased funding, and strengthened service delivery systems, IPPF aims to save the lives of 54,000 women and girls, avert 46 million unintended pregnancies, and prevent 12.4 million unsafe abortions by 2020.  The federation will also triple its services to young people by 2020, and make commodities more affordable.

At the same time, as convenor of civil society, IPPF will be unifying and leading civil society as it fights to ensure that the targets, the policies and the promises are adhered to.

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