Rwanda: Finally Heading the Right Way on Fertility?

November 9, 2012 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Rwanda, News

Below is a recent article, printed originally in The New Times (a Rwandan daily).

Rwanda: Prioritise Population Control and Civil Society
By Susan Babijja, 7 November 2012


Government should devise urgent mechanisms to lower the country’s population growth rate to at least 2.2 percent from the current 2.8, according to the civil society platform.

According to a report by the Civil society, population growth should be reflected in the ongoing implementation phase of the Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy (EDPRS).

The report that was released on Tuesday is the result of a survey conducted to determine the achievements and challenges experienced during the implementation of EDPRS-1.

Titled “Optimising space offered through EDPRS-2 to leverage livelihood”, the report aims at communicating and guiding Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to play an effective role towards the successful implementation of EDPRS-2.

The five-year development plan was launched this year.

This come shortly after a meeting that brought together CSO’s, to discuss their role in the implementation of the strategy.

“The rate at which the population is growing is one of the major threats to economic and national development. If no effective measures are taken, it might even exceed based on the fertility rate,” said Jean Claude Ngendandumwe, the Executive Secretary of the platform.

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