Thai restro offers family planning advice with meal

December 10, 2012 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Asia/Pacific, News

Thai Restaurant Offers Family Planning Advice with Meals


A new Thai restaurant in the UK is offering advice on family planning to its diners.

Diners in the new eatery in Bicester, Oxfordshire are given leaflets on protective sex at the end of the meal and even encouraged to buy condom-themed merchandise – with proceeds going to charity in Thailand.

Named Cabbages and Condoms, the new restaurant even has the slogan ‘and remember our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy,’ the Daily Mail reported.

In a bizarre initiative started in Thailand, the restaurant aims to promote sexual health alongside its food – following success in six restaurants across the south east Asian country.

The name of the eatery refers to the idea that people should buy condoms alongside everyday mundane items such as cabbages.

Diners at the new restaurant will get the chance to sample traditional Thai food ‘in a cosy atmosphere’ before they are presented with the information on sexual health and even urged to buy some of its unusual condom-themed merchandise.

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