English Channel Island: Population Limits Rethink

January 14, 2013 • Daily Email Recap

Population Limits Rethink
See: http://www.thisisjersey.com/news/2013/01/07/population-limits-rethink/

A CAP on the Island’s population could be introduced as part of a major policy rethink on the way that Jersey’s immigration controls are enforced this year.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst has signalled his intention to tackle the most divisive issue in Island politics with a consultation exercise on population scenarios this spring and a States debate before the end of the year.

Weeks after a survey showed that three-quarters of Islanders are concerned or very concerned about the number of immigrants coming to Jersey, it has been revealed that 2013 will see a major ‘Imagine Jersey’-style consultation exercise and political debate.

Control of immigration has been one of the major failures of the States since the 2005 ministerial reforms. Although a target of around 325 new immigrants per year was set by politicians years ago, the last Census revealed in 2011 that the threshold had been more than doubled over the last decade.

The Census also showed that the Island’s population was 97,857 – significantly more than was thought to be the case.

Assistant Chief Minister Paul Routier, who has responsibility for population policy, said that he was very confident that revised controls on access to housing and employment due to come into force in the spring would give the States the information and powers to have a meaningful control of the number of people coming to live and work here.

To read the full article, please click here: http://www.thisisjersey.com/news/2013/01/07/population-limits-rethink/

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