Tanzania: Population Growth Worries PM Pinda

April 8, 2013 • Family Planning, Africa, Daily Email Recap

Tanzania: Population Growth Worries PM Pinda

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TEN per cent of the country’s over 44.9 million people live in Dar es Salaam which has both the highest population density and annual growth rate compared to the national average.

The country’s population density is 51 people per square kilometre while Dar has over 3,133 per square kilometre. Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda expressed concern that the government is taking measures to address the country’s rapidly growing population at 2.7 per cent per annum with Dar es Salaam’s rate at 5.6 per cent.

Mr Pinda said in Dar es Salaam yesterday while launching Population Distribution by Administrative Units that the 2012 census report is a good tool for the government as it will assist in development planning and budget allocation.

“I would like to advise all regional and district commissioners to distribute this report to all lawmakers, councillors, ward and village officials for use in development planning,” Pinda said, saying central government is encouraging people to practise family planning.

He pointed out that the country’s rapidly growing population is a challenge to the government and its leaders who should plan to improve infrastructure such as roads, electricity and water as more mouths come aboard to feed. “The government will continue urging people to reduce sizes of their families and practice child spacing,” the PM stressed.

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