Community Impact Model (or CIM)

June 3, 2013 • United States, Daily Email Recap

Community Impact Model (or CIM)
Called the Community Impact Model (or CIM), the user-friendly Excel is intended to promote better land use decision-making through a better understanding of the fiscal impacts of land development. Any size, type, or combination of development can be modeled. The Model is available at no charge as a public service for educational, non-profit, and non-commercial uses. Instructions and documentation are included.


The Community Impact Model quickly and easily estimates a proposed development’s fiscal impact on the local government. Expected tax revenues are compared with the costs of providing 18 categories of public services and infrastructure to a new development. A detailed report of costs, revenues, and net fiscal impact is generated. The Excel-based model is designed for use by public officials, professional planners, community groups, non-profit organizations, civic-minded individuals, or anyone who needs to quickly obtain an estimate of a proposed land development’s impacts. The CIM has a user-friendly interface and does not require special training or background to use.

The model represents a considerable development effort with the goal of making a comprehensive, objective, and unbiased analysis tool readily available. Thanks to very generous, charitable support from private and non-profit sources, the model is available at no cost for public-interest, non-commercial purposes.

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