Regional Conference on Population and Development in the Arab States

June 24, 2013 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, News

Regional Conference on Population and Development in the Arab States
Development Challenges and Population Dynamics in a Changing Arab World
Cairo, 24-26 June 2013

The Regional Conference on Population and Development, will open in Cairo on June 24th, 2013 under the title “Development Challenges and Population Dynamics in a Changing Arab Region.” The conference is being organized by the United Nations Population Fund, the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, the UN Economic Commission for Africa, and the Arab League. See the website below for more details. (Website excerpts are listed below).


With the 20-year anniversary of the landmark 1994 Cairo International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) approaching, representatives from governments, civil society, academia, and development partners are once again gathering in the Egyptian capital. They will collectively review the current state of implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action in the Arab States and shape the population and development agenda beyond 2014 for the post-2015 framework.

…The Arab States are at a demographic turning point which has important social, political and economic consequences. Most of the countries in the region now have the largest cohort of young people in their history. For countries with a young population, the immediate challenge is to generate the skills and economic opportunities that bring hope of employment, security and rising living standards. While there seems to be an increasing consensus on individuals’ right to freedom of expression, participation and information, no such agreement has been reached on the rights of young people to sexual and reproductive health…

…The ICPD Program of Action (PoA) has adopted gender equality and women’s empowerment as one of its main guiding principles and it has therefore affirmed the relationship between advancement and fulfillment of rights and gender equality and equity including women’s reproductive health and rights. The ICPD PoA has asserted that the empowerment and autonomy of women and the improvement of their political, social, economic and health status was a highly important end in itself as well as essential for the achievement of sustainable development…

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