World Population Day: Women take sterilisation burden

July 17, 2013 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, News

World Population Day: Women take sterilisation burden

As the World Population Day this year focused on awareness on adolescent pregnancy, a Pune Municipal Corporation family welfare bureau survey found at least 4,237 girls 15 to 19 years of age who are married (the legal age for marriage in India is 18) and 2,071 of them not using any contraceptive or opting for any other family planning measure.

The city registered 50,374 deliveries last year.

A function was held to mark the day. The theme was “small family, happy family”.

The survey shows that women continue to shoulder the responsibility of family planning, with 15,368 women undergoing tubectomy and only 209 men opting for vasectomy last year.

“Last year, there were 50,374 deliveries registered with the city family welfare bureau,” Sabne said.

Dr V M Khanande, Joint Director of Health, Maharashtra, told Newsline, “In 2012-13, of the 5.50 lakh sterilizations across the state, 4.86 lakh were performed on women and 18,877 on men.”

Starting Thursday to July 24, the family welfare bureau of PMC has planned family planning operations especially for men at its hospitals at Bopodi, Kondhwa and Hadapsar.

Dr Anjali Sabne, acting deputy medical officer of health, PMC, said 15,368 women were sterilised from April 2012 to March this year. Another 1,11,09 opted for intra-uterine devices and 1,988 women took contraceptive pills. Condoms were distributed to 7.5 lakh population.

A total of 9,33,510 couples were surveyed in urban slums and 51,796 did not avail of any family planning method, the city family welfare bureau said.

From April to June this year, 3,862 women underwent sterilization. There were 1,960 who used IUDs.

A total of 1,482 took pills and 1,43,444 used condoms.

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