As Pakistan’s Population Explodes, Media Regulator Bans Contraceptive Ad

July 24, 2013 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, News

As Pakistan’s Population Explodes, Media Regulator Bans Contraceptive Ad

Pakistan’s principal media regulator has pulled the plug on a controversial television commercial promoting the use of contraceptives. The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) ordered all television channels to immediately remove the 50-second spot for “Josh” brand condoms, calling the advertisement “immoral” and citing complaints from some viewers.

According to Dawn, an English language newspaper, the commercial in question features one of Pakistan’s most famous actress-models, Mathira, portraying a new bride who pampers her husband, thereby making another couple envious and jealous of their intimacy. One of the neighbors asks Mathira’s “husband” how he keeps his beautiful and glamorous wife so faithful. He proudly replies: “Bring Josh [condoms] into your life.”

“[The] airing of such immoral advertisement on Pakistani channels and… [during] the holy month of Ramazan warrants serious action,” said PEMRA spokesman Fakharuddin Mughal, adding that such content showed “sheer disregard [for] our socio-cultural and religious values.” PEMRA also claimed the commercial “violated” the Pakistani constitution.

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