Stable Population Party of Australia, Press Release 9/3/2013

September 3, 2013 • News

Let’s ask why Greens, Liberals & Labor suppress population issue: Stable Population Party

Despite a ‘massive thumbs down for big Australia’, with 70 per cent hoping the population does not hit the 40 million mark projected by 2050, no major party will raise population as a campaign issue.

Why? Because there is a tri-partisan undemocratic push for our unsustainable population growth of over 1000 people per day, or well over a million people every three years – the size of Adelaide!

Despite holding the balance of power in both houses of parliament, not once did The Greens question Julia Gillard regarding her broken promise to “not hurtle down the track towards a big Australia.” Yet our rapid population growth is the single biggest environmental threat we face.

Why exactly are the major parties pushing rapid population growth? We can now reveal two key reasons, and this is why we have taken the extraordinary step of placing a post-it note advertisement on the front of every Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday September 3.

“By standing Senate candidates in every state and territory, the Stable Population Party is the only party providing a choice on the biggest issue facing Australia – population growth,” said William Bourke, President and NSW Senate candidate for the Stable Population Party.

“Population growth is now the underlying issue linked to all of Australia’s major problems. There are six key reasons to vote for a stable population. A stable population will help:

* Relieve overstretched infrastructure, including hospitals, schools, roads and public transport;
* Ease cost of living pressures, including housing, energy, water and transport;
* Protect our environment, including food, water & energy resources, and animal habitats;
* Promote education and training, to increase job opportunities for all Australians;
* Minimise overdevelopment, including high-rise and sprawl; and
* Create a more resilient economy, to sustain and enhance prosperity.

“Population is not a single issue, it is the everything issue, and we need a choice. We won’t resolve any of Australia’s major problems until we first stabilise population. We must think better, not bigger.

“Let’s spark this boring election campaign into life. We challenge the media to question the major parties on why they won’t stop Australia’s population hitting 40 million by 2050 – and then sit back and watch the pollies squirm,” said Mr Bourke.

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