Forms of Population Denial

September 16, 2013 • United States, News

Note: The following two stories are presented as examples of population-denial articles.

It’s the Child-Bearing, Stupid

Those of us who work on fiscal policy can get lost in programmatic minutiae and lose sight of larger dynamics that can dramatically alter the fiscal landscape. One such dynamic is demographics – a force that will largely shape not just our fiscal future but that of other nations the world over, as the cover piece in the Sept. 27 Weekly Standard makes clear.

If author Jonathan V. Last is right, America is heading in the wrong direction – toward a voluntary version of the one-child-per-family policy that China imposed on its people some 30 years ago. Falling fertility rates threaten to upset the demographic balance between young and old, undermining our health care, pension and workforce systems.

U.S. Population Falls to Dangerous Levels Below Replacement Rate
By Steven Ertelt

The fertility rate in the United States fell again to another record low in 2012, thanks in part to the recession that is making it so couples are more reticent to consider having children to adding to their family.

While abortion contributes to destroy more than one million unborn children on an annual basis, new figures from the CDC show the American population is at dangerously low levels – so low that the U.S. birth rate is below the replacement rate needed to sustain the population. That would put the United States in league with nations like Japan, Russia and many European countries that are experiencing worker shortages because of population decline and abortion.


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