In Israel, population growth is an issue to be avoided at all costs

October 7, 2013 • News

Israel’s leadership frequently warns of a demographic threat to the country’s Jewish majority. Although it is a touchy subject, it is nonetheless important to address how to reduce population growth. 


Next week the Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences will be holding its annual conference. On the agenda is the rarely considered and sensitive issue of population growth in Israel and its implications. Considering the fact that the subject is almost completely avoided in Israel, for religious and national reasons, it is not surprising that the concluding presentation at that session is titled “Can we talk about population growth already?” Dr. Daniel Orenstein of the Architecture and Town Planning Faculty at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology will address the issue.

Population growth is hardly fading from the public agenda around the world, and a glance at several current publications provides an indication of what a major concern it is for those involved in environmental protection. But there is also a lot of controversy over demography and its causal connection to the environment.

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