Man gets very public snip for World Vasectomy Day

October 21, 2013 • Family Planning, Daily Email Recap

Man gets very public snip for World Vasectomy Day

A doctor from Florida has performed a live vasectomy in a bid to lower the planet’s population one snip at a time.

Doug Stein is a tireless campaigner for men to take responsibility for family planning and preventing unintended pregnancies.

His round-the-world journey, which has been captured in a feature-length film, has now taken him to Adelaide where he has performed vasectomies in front of a live audience.

The vasectomist is somewhat of a crusader in his field, encouraging those who are ready to exit the gene pool via a delicate and relatively simple procedure.

“There’s a real beauty in parenthood and I think everybody who wants to should experience it,” he said.

“I just think that people should have only the children that they want because each of us is a fairly significant burden on the planet and competitors with our fellow species.”

A public vasectomy is an unusual way to approach the very broad and vexed topic of population control and resource management.

Father of four Chris Wiren is one of 16 volunteers in Adelaide who was willing to get the snip publicly for the first World Vasectomy Day.

“I don’t feel like any less of a man and no my voice hasn’t gone up higher, it’s all fine and no it didn’t hurt,” Mr Wiren said.

Dr Stein, who began his quest in his home state of Florida, says it is a viable way to reduce our carbon footprint and it is time for men to step up.

“We’re not really selling vasectomy, we’re selling individual responsibility,” he said.

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