Women Delivering Development

October 28, 2013 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Daily Email Recap

Women Delivering Development
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It’s not often that we are presented with the perfect opportunity to affect a broad set of development policies as we are currently with the UN’s post-2015 agenda.

Taking full advantage of this chance – while demonstrating that an integrated, “un-siloed” approach to addressing population, health, and environmental (PHE) issues is gaining traction – was the goal of a recent UN General Assembly side-event. The Women Delivering Development working breakfast was organized by the Woodrow Wilson Center, Aspen Institute, Sierra Club, and Center for Environment and Population (CEP).

The meeting brought together a diverse group of influential leaders to be updated on the sweet spot of where population, health, and environment (PHE) intersect, and make concrete recommendations for how a PHE integrated approach can help solve key international development issues.

Their message was clear: Put women and reproductive health at the core of development where it belongs. This impressive cross-sectoral mix of “influentials” hit the ground running. They came knowing that in women’s everyday lives on the ground, around the world, these components are very much integrated. This meeting was an effort to work towards development policies and advocacy that reflect that reality.

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