The Climate Mapping Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

November 22, 2013 • Climate Change & Mitigation, Daily Email Recap

The Climate Mapping Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

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Weather geeks, say goodbye to your morning productivity. The data conjurers at NOAA have rolled their latest environmental visualization out of the hanger, and it is bursting with every possible thing you’d want to know about the planet’s health, from past to present to worrisome future.

Want to know what the clouds like looked during your city’s last nasty storm? The “NOAA View” portal has crisp satellite images stretching 5 years back. Curious where snow and ice have accumulated this year? The frozen stuff is splashed about the globe like splattered white frosting. How hot will the weather soon be if humanity doesn’t rein in its emissions? One of the several simulations crammed into this Swiss Army climate tool has this prediction: It will be blastedly warm, despite our best attempts to stop burning fossil fuels.

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