mCenas! SMS Client Education to Improve Family Planning Uptake Among Youth

November 25, 2013 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Serial Dramas, News

mCenas! SMS Client Education to Improve Family Planning Uptake Among Youth


After working with young people in Mozambique for more than two decades, Pathfinder recognizes the many barriers youth face in terms of accessing and using contraceptive methods. One of the main barriers to uptake of contraception among youth is lack of knowledge around the range of contraceptive methods, especially myths and misconceptions about particular methods.

Pathfinder recognizes the need to offer innovative opportunities for youth to participate in a program that helps them learn more about methods, reduces myths and misconceptions, and supports changes in attitudes and behaviors around the use of contraception.That’s where mCenas! comes in.


mCenas! seeks to identify and address myths and misconceptions related to family planning among the youth in Mozambique. With funding from USAID, Pathfinder is developing role model stories and informational messages short message service (SMS) messages to send to youth aged 15-24 to address family planning access and uptake. Pathfinder built upon the experiences and lessons learned of FHI360’s mobiles for reproductive health (m4RH) project delivering informational messages and their experience using role model stories via SMS in Ghana when designing this project. The role model stories, developed to address parenting and non-parenting boys and girls, cover key topics youth face in choosing to start or continue a family planning method.

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