Just how bad is overfishing? It’s really bad

December 2, 2013 • Farming Practices, Protection of Species, Water, Daily Email Recap

Just how bad is overfishing? It’s really bad
See: http://www.sciencerecorder.com/news/just-how-bad-is-overfishing-its-really-bad/

12 facts on overfishing:

12. Since 1950, one in four of the world’s fisheries has collapsed due to overfishing.

11. 77 percent of the world’s marine fish stocks are fully exploited, over-exploited, depleted or slowly recovering.

10. The cod fishery off Newfoundland, Canada collapsed in 1992, leading to the loss of some 40,000 jobs in the industry. Twenty years later, the fishery has yet to recover.

9. Scientists estimate that 90% of the world’s large fish have been removed from our oceans, including many tuna, sharks, halibut, grouper, and other top level predators which help maintain an ecological balance.

8. Of the 3.5 million fishing vessels worldwide, only 1.7 percent are classified as large-scale, industrial vessels, yet these vessels take almost 60 percent of the global fish catch.

7. Tuna purse seine vessels using Fish Aggregating Devices entangle and kill a million sharks a year in the Indian Ocean alone.

6. Every year, the world’s fishing fleet receives roughly $30 billion in government subsidies. Most of the subsidies are given to the large-scale, industrial sector of the fishing industry.

To read the full article, please click here:  http://www.sciencerecorder.com/news/just-how-bad-is-overfishing-its-really-bad

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