Cable And Broadcast News Hide The Economic Benefits Of Reproductive Health

December 23, 2013 • Family Planning, Reproductive Health, Daily Email Recap

Cable And Broadcast News Hide The Economic Benefits Of Reproductive Health

Economic Benefits Mentioned In Only 4 Segments, Less Than 2 Percent Of Total Coverage. Of the total 255 broadcast and evening news segments that focused on reproductive health from June 24 to December 1, only four mentioned the economic benefits this health care provides for women, three on MSNBC and one on Fox News. All four segments focused on the role of contraception and abortion access in reducing economic insecurity for women.

Center for American Progress: Contraception Is An Economic Issue. In a blog discussing a surge of contraception news gaining mainstream traction, Sally Steenland and Jessica Arons of the Center for American Progress argued that contraception is inextricably linked to women’s economic well-being:

It’s not just the cost of contraception. Family planning allows women to control the timing of when they have children, which in turn allows them to pursue their education and career. Indeed, women now make up half of the nation’s workforce, and 60 percent of women are breadwinners for their family–in large part because of greater access to contraception.


Because family planning enables women to plan their pregnancies, it also leads to healthier mothers and babies. As a result, it reduces costs to individuals and families, to our health care system, and to society.


Bottom line: Pundits and politicians need to realize that contraception is not just a hot-button issue. It and other policies such as paid sick days and equal pay are integral to women’s economic security. [Center for American Progress, 4/2/12]

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