Florida poised to become nation’s third most-populous state

December 30, 2013 • United States, Daily Email Recap

Florida poised to become nation’s third most-populous state
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For Florida, the population estimates being released Monday could come with a side of bragging rights.

This may finally be the year Florida overcomes New York as the nation’s third most-populous state.

“If Florida surpassed New York in the near future, it wouldn’t be a surprise,” said Stan Smith, director of the Population Program in the University of Florida’s Bureau of of Economic and Business Research. “We’ve been gaining on New York for a long time.”

Andrew Beveridge, a Census expert and Queens College professor, said Florida’s ascent was inevitable: “If it hadn’t been for the financial crisis, Florida probably would have already passed New York.”

When the last round of figures were released in 2012, the two states were practically even.

But with 19.6 million people, New York held onto the third place. Florida, with its population of 19.3 million, settled for fourth.

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