Gary Brown: Population grows by the second

January 3, 2014 • United States, Daily Email Recap

Gary Brown: Population grows by the second

The “population clock” at the United State Census Bureau estimates the number in our nation at 317,295,153.

Actually, it lists us at 317,295,154. Just in the time it took for that statistic to settle into your mind, we’ve gone up a guy to 317,295,155. Before you reach the end of this paragraph, we probably will have grown to an estimated 317,295,156 people. And there will be many more of us by the time you read this.

According to a graphic accompanying the clock, there is one birth in the nation every 8 seconds. There is one death every 12 seconds, but the dearly departed isn’t missed as much – speaking only statistically – because there is one “international migrant” coming into the country every 40 seconds.

So our “net gain” in population in the United States is one person every 16 seconds.

I didn’t do the math to confirm that statistic, but I still feel a little more crowded since the moment I began writing about our population growth. This population, by the way, now is up to 317,295,187 people and counting rather quickly.

The world population – estimated by the World Population Clock – grows even faster. Right now, it’s listed as 7,132,776,124, I mean 7,132,776,127, no it’s 7,132,776,129, wait it’s 7,132,776,131, and now it’s 7,132,776,134, oh never mind.

Based on the spinning digits of the clock, the world population seems to be increasing by two or three people every second or so.

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