Madhya Pradesh tribal women have no idea of contraceptive use

January 27, 2014 • Family Planning, News

Madhya Pradesh tribal women have no idea of contraceptive use

BHOPAL: Half of the tribal women population in Madhya Pradesh is clueless about the modern day family planning methods, despite the tall claims of state government which sets targets for family planning operations every year and pats itself for achieving them.

A study conducted by a research scholar Vandana Tamrakar from Jawaharlal Nehru University, revealed that tribal women in Madhya Pradesh have no idea about the usage of a contraceptive.

The study said that the knowledge of contraceptive use in Madhya Pradesh among tribal women is only 49%. The knowledge of pills, Intra Uterine Device (IUD), condoms are also low among tribal regions when compared to other states. It points out that only 41% women are aware of male condoms, just 29% know about IUD (intra uterine device), and only a menial 14% know about Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECP).

“The reason for the low awareness could be attributed to low literacy rate and lack of exposure,” explained Tamrakar. Results also showed that middle-aged, higher educated women are likely to use the modern method of contraception as compared to the younger women (15-24). Overall, the knowledge of modern temporary methods is considerably lower to permanent methods.

Use of contraceptive method among currently married tribal woman was relatively lower than the non-tribal women. 44-53% of tribal women use contraceptive method while 50-62% of non-tribal women use modern methods.

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