Module in Kuala Lumpur schools soon to curb teen pregnancies

January 27, 2014 • Family Planning, Asia/Pacific, News

Module in schools soon to curb teen pregnancies

KUALA LUMPUR: THE alarming rate of teen pregnancies has prompted the introduction of a teen pregnancy prevention module, set to be introduced in 47 schools nationwide this year.

National Population and Family Development Board (LPPKN) Human Reproduction Division’s Sexuality Unit director Dr Hamizah Mohd Hassan said the problem served as a “wake up call” for the Women, Community and Family Development Ministry to develop the initiative to address the issue.

The module, introduced in collaboration with the Education Ministry, would be part of the school curriculum assistant programme and will be implemented in September this year.

“Known as ‘Modul Pekerti’, it will begin after the year-end examination for Form Three students. This will be finalised with the Education Ministry,” she said.

The module will benefit 8,000 students selected from 47 schools nationwide.

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