Bringing the beats to reproductive health

February 11, 2014 • Reproductive Health, Ethiopia, Daily Email Recap

Bringing the beats to reproductive health

Recent studies have shown that reproductive and sexual health problems affect youth significantly, yet youth are missing from the debate on these issues. The question is how to get young people engaged in a meaningful way.  Jillian Gedeon, a master’s student in health sciences, believes the answer lies in “artivism,” combining art and activism, and using music and dance to get important messages across. According to Gedeon, art speaks to everyone and provides a vital tool to transcend borders established by culture and other differences…

…For Gedeon, it’s not enough to talk the talk – she is rapping the talk and putting into practice what she believes is the most effective way to reach youth. Her rap “Family Planning Saves Lives,” recorded with the help of the Beat Making Lab (which teaches people from all over the world how to create hip hop tracks), discusses the importance of family planning. It won her the opportunity to go to Ethiopia to attend the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP).

The rap is filled with lyrics such as this:

There are two-two-two million women in the world
Who have an unmet need for the one thing that could
Save their lives, space their births, and give them the freedom that they need
To keep going to school or have a business on the street


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