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Strain on resources: Practical measure urged to control population growth

February 26, 2014 • Family Planning, Asia/Pacific, Daily Email Recap

Strain on resources: Practical measure urged to control population growth

Speakers have urged the government to take practical steps to control the growing population, which is putting a great strain on economy and resources.

They were speaking at a seminar titled “Demography and Health Survey of Pakistan” jointly organised by the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) and the National Institute of Population Studies (NIPS) here on Thursday.

Speakers urged stakeholders and healthcare providers to take the issue seriously, otherwise it will wreak havoc in the future. They also expressed serious concern over indicators of child mortality and fertility rates, alarming and highest in the region.

NIPS Project Director Tanveer Kiyani gave a presentation on PDHS 2012-13 survey that provides data for monitoring the population and the health situation in Pakistan with an explicit goal of providing reliable information about maternal and child health and family planning.

NIPS Executive Director Abdul Basit Khan said, “In Pakistan, high population growth is a huge threat to food security.” He said that the growing population was a vast subject and the government should decide what it has to do to tackle it within the limited resources.


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