Fruitful and Multiplying: The Overpopulation Exhibit

March 21, 2014 • United States, News

Fruitful and Multiplying: The Overpopulation Exhibit
World population has more than doubled since 1960. The public discourse around population is skittish at best. It is safe to discuss the effects of overpopulation – sustainability, water supply, etc. – but discussion of over-population and especially action to limit population is taboo. The purpose of Fruitful and Multiplying is to present a collection of artwork on the issue of overpopulation and to sponsor dialogue that helps people understand and engage with the many global effects.
Fruitful and Multiplying will include three components: (1) Four featured artists with multiple works that directly address overpopulation and its effects, (2) a salon-style installation of individual art works from 13 local artists, and (3) an informational installation including facts, statistics, diagrams, etc. produced by World Population Balance, a local non-profit with a mission to educate communities on the issues of overpopulation.
“What others won’t talk about is a perfect call to action for artists,” says curator John Schuerman. “Politically sensitive topics, and in particular, social causes, are almost always ushered in with artistic support; for example, the folk singers that supported the civil rights movement. Furthermore, art is perfect for starting to talk about things we haven’t figured out how to address, and where there is no clear answer, or even articulation.”

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